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The guitar is a wonderful instrument that can create a beautiful sound. Depending on the style of play and the way the instrument is tuned a guitar has the ability to sound completely unique and different. Playing the guitar requires an experienced and skilled hand, able to master the intricate coordination required between the hands and fingers.


To learn to play the guitar takes hard work, patience, and dedication. Luckily, the team at Silverstring Music Lessons is happy to be your resource for guitar lessons. Our online guitar lessons are perfect for busy students or professionals that find it difficult making it to a scheduled music class.


Take your lesson in the convenience of your own home, whenever you have the free time. Our online guitar lessons are also great for people who may not have a music shop nearby. By utilizing our online services, we conveniently bring our professional instruction right to your own home .


Guitar lessons are perfect for people of all ages and ability levels. We are happy to teach young children who do not have any music experience, as well as aged adults who have never picked up an instrument before. We understand that everyone has to learn at some point, and our guitar lessons are perfect for beginners. If you are an experienced guitarist and simply want to enhance your current skills our guitar lessons are a great option.


Meet with our instructor to discuss which aspects of your music you would like to improve. We are happy to customize music and guitar lessons to allow you to refine your current skill and enhance your musical ability.

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